Family Guy, a Freakin’ Great Show

Family Guy

Some years ago I tried to watch a bit of Family Guy and I don’t know why, but I just didn’t like it. At all actually. I didn’t think it was funny, fresh or anything. Not that a show needs to be inventive or anything for me to enjoy it, but I really tried to enjoy it, but to no avail. I must have watched the worst part of an episode or something, because my latest addiction is, yup you guessed it, Family Guy!

I’m watching a lot of these episodes and laughing and just thoroughly enjoying myself. I love the politically incorrectness, the cutaway gags featuring well known characters from other tv-shows, movies or similar, but what I probably love the most is Stewie, the family’s 1-year-old baby, who speaks with a British grown up accent and dreams of killing his mom Lois and world domination. He’s a big part of the reason why I fell in love with the show. But you also gotta love Peter, Brian the dog (who can talk) and the kids Chris and Meg.

If there are any people like me out there, who’ve heard of the show, but never really got into it you can find a clip below highlighting some funny moments.


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