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Slumdog Millionaire is my favorite movie this year and it so deserves to be a huge success at the Oscar’s.
Fall Out Boy’s new album Folie รก Deux is brilliant and has surpassed my expectations, which were rather unrealistic considering that it’s my favorite band. Well done guys.
For personal reasons this has been my worst Christmas […]


Breakfast at Dennis’


Slumdog Millionaire

Here’s the trailer for what looks like one of the most promising movies of 2008. I would do anything to be able to watch this right now.

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Breathing Your Love

Fucking awesome song: Darin feat Kat DeLuna - Breathing Your Love. I love it!

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New Paramore music video. From the Twilight OST.

Replaced the official music video with a fanmade one, because the other video went down.

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Don’t Trust Me

I love 3OH!3.

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Razia’s Shadow: A Musical

As the title suggests “Razia’s Shadow” is a musical and it’s fucking brilliant. It’s a bit different though, because it’s made by a rock band called Forgive Durden and they’ve managed to get a hold of some amazing guest stars. As with most musicals it features a number of characters (each guest star playing […]

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Northern Downpour

New Panic at the Disco video for one of the best songs off Pretty. Odd.

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Bounce, Baby

The official music video for The Cab’s “Bounce” (sure to be a hit!) has been released. The Cab is an awesome band, so check them out. Also be sure to read my previous blog post from back in April.

The Cab - New Music - More Music Videos

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More Panic

I finally got around to upload the rest of the Panic at the Disco videos that my girlfriend and I recorded back in February. From Vega, Copenhagen.
The Only Difference Between Martyrdom And Suicide Is Press Coverage:

I Write Sins, Not Tragedies:

Time To Dance:

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