December 21, 2012 - The Day the World Ends?

According to the Ancient Mayans this might be so. Their calendar previously predicted things that would turn out to be true. Watch the documentary below.


The highly intelligent Ancient Mayan civilization developed an intricate calendar which anticipated the end of their Great Cycle of the Long Count-better known as the apocalypse-on Dec. 21, 2012.

Part 2
Part 3



Very interesting! I love docs; and when the topic is as big as this one, its impossible not to listen…


Oh great, everyone is going to perish in less than 5 years: how pleasant


Great video!
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Very interesting !
We’re all gonna die :O!!

… ah well.. hadn’t got anything planned that day anyway… :-P


Sounds like it’ll save us all a lot in terms of Christmas shopping that year. :-P

In all seriousness, the bit about Europe changing in the twinkle of an eye worries me slightly I must admit.


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This is Bull… one can predict when the world is going to end..but it
does make me wonder


I do agree with nina. No one can predict when we all die..i mean.we could all die the next day.the world was actually supposed to end years ago.but we are still here.


Hi Sinead , I listened to The Calendar Road for October and I am glad I was not aronud in ancient times. I like to believe their is a cure in stones. Maybe the light that you described beneath the trees, is a Fairy Ring, now I like that thought.

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