10.000 Songs Played


Ever since joining Last.fm back in November 2006 and downloading their software that keeps track (no pun intended) of all the songs I’ve been listening to it has logged more than 10.000 songs I’ve listened to either on my computer in Winamp/iTunes or on my iPod (mostly when commuting to and from school).

According to my Last.fm profile the top 5 charts look like this:

Overall charts for artists

Here the numbers indicate how many times songs by that band have been listened to by me.

  • Fall Out Boy (1,857)
  • New Found Glory (568)
  • Paramore (532)
  • The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus (413)
  • The Academy Is… (349)

Overall charts for tracks

Here the numbers indicate how many times songs have been listened to by me.

  • The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus – Cat and Mouse (139)
  • Fall Out Boy – I’m Like A Lawyer With The Way I’m Always Trying To (111)
  • Fall Out Boy – Thriller (109)
  • Fall Out Boy – This Ain’t a Scene, It’s an Arms Race (107)
  • Simon Webbe – Coming Around Again (100)



I have listened to more songs, but you’ve done it in a shorter period of time if the site’s to be believed… Truth is that I didn’t actually install the last.fm software until about the same time you signed up ;)


Well, I didn’t install it at first either. Not until early 2007 (February/March) if I remember correctly. I could be wrong of course, but not right away that’s for sure.

What’s your name on last.fm anyway? I’d love to befriend you even though we probably don’t share the same taste in music. :)


Way ahead of you mate… I already added you ;)

Our compatibility is “very low”… I somehow thought it might be!


Oh yeah you did… great. :-)

Yes me too, apparently only Bloc Party, Mute Math, Death Cab for Cutie, The Fratellis, and Ben Folds among others. Guess it’s better than nothing. :-P


So the “Typical” video (live) got you in to Mute Math too? :P

The bands that we do have in common are some of my favorite bands (particularly Death Cab and Ben Folds (Five)), so I guess we’re ok for being last.fm buddies :)


Yeah I thought it was really cool!

I guess so:D

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