The Nine Worst Movies of 2007

Jim Carrey

One thing I really love about this time of year are the best/worst of 200x lists. So here’s a warning: you’ll probably see a few of these lists on my blog.

This time it’s all about the worst movies of the year.

  • 9. Revolver
  • 8. Hostel II
  • 7. The Number 23
  • 6. Who’s Your Caddy?
  • 5. Delta Farce
  • 4. I Know Who Killed Me
  • 3. Because I Said So
  • 2. Norbit
  • 1. Epic Movie

The only movie of the above I’ve actually watched is The Number 23 and I thought it had a promising premise, in fact, I was sure it was gonna be a kickass movie. As it turned out it was not. It was actually pretty damn boring, cliché and just very, very bad.



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