Vampyres - a Documentary That Crosses the Line Between Fiction and Reality


Check out this extremely interesting documentary if you get the chance. I just saw it and it was truly bizarre, but also scary. Definitely worth a watch.

A journalist discovers in New York a mysterious clan claiming they are vampires, real human predators. He investigates and unveils the unbelievable: they have pushed modern Goth, Marilyn Manson and the horror films culture to its limits. They have crossed the thin line between fiction and reality. Think Blade, Buffy and Underworld, without the heroes to save us… Drinking human blood, eating human flesh has a awakening the predator they say lives inside every human.



Greetings, where would I be able to find them?


By “them” do you mean the vampires? Why don’t you watch the documentary? If you really want to, you should be able to find it somewhere…


Hello again, do you have any useful sources for me to use?


How would one such as I find others? Not posers like in the commion everyday lifestyles.
In a small town a girl only has so many choises xXx


Good evening, I have searched the web and I turned up nothing, except e-bay. Anyway, I was hoping that I could find a source that would allow me to watch it online. Any suggestions?


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Hello you can find this on such sites as Ebay yes, but there are no sources online as of right now via bit torrents. I think this is kinda a give and take movie, this is only one primary house out of virtually hundreds, focusing most of it’s attention on Strigoi Vii. I am a vampyre, and I find myself more drawn to Strigoi Vii and the rules they employ so I don’t have much of a problem with it. Don’t take it in as a misconception either that all vampi(y)res are goths, although that is a vast majority of the population that is not completely true. There are many non-goths that are genuine vampires also, such as Anshar. I would definitely buy this movie or the sheer education value it carries.

One another note, I know how it is to live in a small city without many others like me, it is hard. Try and get the movie and it will help you to gain more knowledge as well as build more of a network of friends and family.



took pple long enough lord! like the rest i would love to know where i can find the documentary please. i’ll be shivering for it.


i would like to watch this please send me a link for it


i would like to watch this please send me a link for it


You can find it on youtube already… Just typ in ‘Vampyres - When reality goes beyond fiction Part 1′ and you’ll have it, all parts are available.


hello!quite interesting,the documentary,but I still have some stuff to clearout. i would like to talk with a more experienced at the start and i need some guidelines.if your willing to help me pls contact me at this e-mail I know i shouldnt leave any contact info but the need of knowledge pushes me to do otherwise! thank you !


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i was wondering if there were any haven near kenosha , wisconsin. if you know anything please send me an email

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Chris Michelis:

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