Another Year With Flickr


Last year my brother gave me “the gift of Flickr” - a 1 year Pro account and I just renewed my membership that will last me all of 2008 sans a few weeks. Flickr has been such an incredible website for me this past year and I use it almost everyday; whether I’m uploading photos that I need for forums (this way I’m sure they won’t expire like with Imageshack or similar services) or just need to upload some design related work I did when I’m in school, Flickr always works like a charm.

By the way, I find these stats from my Flickr profile interesting: 3,846 photos / 3,991 views. I find it interesting because noone have commented on a single picture out of those (nearly) 4000 photos. I don’t really care though, just thought it was interesting. Hmm, could be because I don’t tag the pictures that often and that might make them harder for people to find, because I rarely give them a title either, it would take such a long time even though it’s quite easy in this case with Flickr. Anyway, I care more about people commenting on my blog so it doesn’t matter.


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