20 Signs You Might Be a Nerd

You collect funny SPAM messages. (I wouldn’t say I collect them, but I have previously blogged about one)

You talk to your computers, not because you’re bored, but because you’re afraid they might be. (Only when I’m mad)

Your household ratio of computers to humans is at least 4:1. (Not true, but there are more computers than humans and that’s the way it ought to be)

You are completely free of tan lines. (I tan easily actually)

When someone says ‘organized sports’ you think ‘LAN party’ (Never attended a LAN party)

You have lost most of your social abilities. (Hey, I weren’t that social to begin with)

You never used them anyway. (Lol, didn’t see this one until after I wrote the above)

When you must converse with others, you speak a cryptic language of acronyms decipherable only by another geek. (Depends on who the person is, but I can be non-geeky when appropriate)

No ‘warranty seal’ is safe in your presence. (Don’t know about this one…)

You have a gigantic box of spare cables that you never use. (Not gigantic per se)

You could never be convinced to part with it. (I have a hard time parting with anything)

You want your 21″ Trinitron CRT monitor to be buried with you. (Sorry, I’m not that geeky)

You understand why ‘42′ and ‘AYBABTU’ are funny, and still laugh at both. (42 is not funny, but I do get it. AYBABTU on the other hand I had to search for to understand what it meant)

You’re afraid of the telephone. (Nope)

You’re always free on Friday night. Free to play your favorite MMORPG (Nope)

You consider ‘Geek’ a complement. (Geek for me is just a word that’s used when you’re good with a particular area)

Your non geek friends have no idea what you do for a living. (When I’m done with the education I’m sure this will be true)

Camping in the woods, without electricity, or wireless access is your idea of a nightmare not a vacation. (Indeed)

You have over 30 E-mail accounts, and check them all regularly. (No, just 2)

You understand computers better than people. (At least computers are consistent most of the time)



omg.. I’m a NERD…

And proud of it :-D


hehe, I didnt get much of that.. hardly any.. im freee :D!

btw “…but there are more computers than humans and that’s the way it ought to be”…. riiiiiiiiiiight :S?!


Well, that way there’s always at least 1 computer available. Don’t underestimate the importance of having to watch some crazy youtube video that some friend (that could be you!) send to you. :-P

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