1000 Posts

1000 Posts

What better time to reach a milestone like this than December, exactly two weeks before Christmas Eve? :-)

On December 11, 2006 (funny how the dates are so close) I reached 500 total entries, so it has taken me 364 days to post another 500. Even though some are way shorter than others I think that’s not that bad. Not bad at all actually.

As I did back then, here are some stats. Sorry, but I love stats. :-P

Notice how I’ve included the progress since I reached 500 posts and up ’till today. (Dec 11, 2006 - Dec 10, 2007)


1000 posts (+500)
2,677 comments (+1570)
25 categories (-18)
617 registered users (+554)
93,089 spam comments deleted (+72493)


258 people subscribed to 277 different posts (+145 / ???)
16 e-mail subscribers (need to make this available again)
2 RSS subscribers (-38)

Traffic (within the last year, not total):

307,14 GB
1,249,795 visits
3,396,804 pages
17,024,568 files
26,951,693 hits



Good luck for next year, I’m sure I’ll stick here some more longer. ;)

And 93,089 spam comments deleted (+72493) OMG! :D Where did they come from?


Thank you Quin, I’m glad you’ll come back. I’ll be sure to keep posting frequently! :-)

About the spam comments.. I have no idea, more than 70k in a year is pretty insane. I’m so glad I have the Akismet plugin installed, it takes care of most of them. Before that I had to delete about 100 a day (manually!) on a bad day! :O

But now it’s automatic and it catches about 99% or something like that^^

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