Thoughts on Rush Hour 3

Rush Hour 3

For me this movie was pretty good, but it was not as good as the first, neither of the last two in the series are. So I’d say that this is just about as good as RH2, which is not that bad actually. I thought the movie would be worse, but I ended up enjoying myself throughout the entire movie pretty much.

One thing that hit me when I watched it was that, wheras the first movie had me laughing so hard at Carter and basically just this duo that is Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker, this time around the humor felt played out from time to time and I don’t know why, but it just felt like that to me. I just didn’t laugh that hard, but that may be because something happened to me during all these years between the movies and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with this movie. Who knows? I may have changed or perhaps this movie just weren’t as strong as the first one. I’m glad they made this, but please don’t make another.


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