Slight Drop in Traffic

Going with one URL for over 2 years and then suddenly changing it to something else has its price. This blog has gone down a bit trafficwise, I can see that now. I usually get around 4000 unique visits (and ~70000 hits) a day, but this month has only seen an average of about 3000 unique visits and 50000 hits.

Both in terms of visits and hits that’s a drop of about 20-25%. Man.

By the way: when I said “usually” 4000 hits I mean with exception of last month, which was extraordinarily good. That is also the reason the drop is even more noticeable for me and the reason I’m even writing about this. I’m confident that the traffic will go back to normal eventually though.

I’m also hoping that this has a bit to do with it being December and that means most people are even more busy.


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