Gmail’s New Color Labels

Gmail Color Labels

I like ‘em. It took a few days for me to actually start using them, but I think I’ll eventually end up loving them. I needed a good cleanup in my Gmail account anyway. I’ve now gone from 55 labels for all the various e-mails coming to my inbox to 23. That’s pretty good. I plan on using just 12 or something like that one day, but for now this is pretty good. I mean, why do I need to label my e-mails as aggresively as I have been? The search function is superb, so I’ll get to whatever e-mail I need in no time anyway, so from now on I’ll stop using the labels as tags and more like folders. I’ve wasted enough time on that.

On topic: I’ve been wanting to clean up my blog’s categories for a while too. I have probably like twenty something and I don’t really need that many. 8 or something like that should be enough.



I like ‘em too :-)
I’m not quite used to them yet, but they seem handy enough ^^


I know what you mean, I’m not quite there either in getting used to them. I know I will though. :-)

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