A Guy Who Sings Like a Girl

As the title read on Digg: this dude sings better than most girls!

Not only that, he also does sing like an actual girl.

Vote for him here. I know I did.

Nick Pitera entered a contest to sing a song from “The Little Mermaid” and win a trip to Broadway. Most dudes who entered sang one of the guy’s songs. Not Nick…



What?! Hehe


Strange, yet very beautiful!
Brought me back to my childhood for a minute :D


Glad it did Quin, that’s always nice. :-)

But I can’t say the same goes for me, because The Little Mermaid wasn’t exactly my favorite movie, but it did make me think back on when it first premiered and I thought the movie was very scary. Can’t have been that old. :-P


Here he is singing A Whole New World from Aladdin… both the male and female parts!


Please, Don't Be Shy