Final Stages

JUNO3 Nov 2007

I’m happy to announce that I’m going back to the white design that came with the theme I use; Mimetic, but I’ve changed a few things and I’m finally happy with the current design of this blog. I really am.

I apologize to anyone who’s been here for the past few days and noticed something strange. I really need to think of a solution to playing around with colors and themes in a way that won’t annoy visitors.



This is better than the other things you’ve come up with lately.. Now it’s the the colors / colours you can toy with, but leave the design alone :)


Yeah I quite like it too and I wasn’t satisfied with the others so that’s why I’ve kept changing it a lot lately. Gonna take your advice on leaving the design alone.. in fact I plan on keeping it for at least 6 months. :-)

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