Fall Out Boy Won’t Go Folk After All

Fall Out Boy

MTV has some news about Fall Out Boy and the rumors that were spread about their next album. A while ago I read + blogged about an article that mentioned that Fall Out Boy would go a bit folk on their next album. Well, as it turns out, me and a lot of others got it all wrong. Apparently what they meant by that was just lyrically.

Lead singer Patrick Stump and bass player Pete Wentz also talked a bit about some of the upcoming songs and some ideas they have:

Stump said they’re “toying” with having some of the songs just be stories, using narrative techniques to give the songs “relatability.”

“Maybe it’s more ambiguous,” Wentz said of their new stuff. “Maybe it could be more relatable to other people.”

The article also mentioned that it might take a while for the album to come out. As a ridiculously huge fan this makes me sad, but if I think about it it’s probably a good idea. I don’t want something mediocre, I’m expecting something as great as their last two albums, which I’ve both listened to death.

Though some of the new songs are already completed, the guys don’t feel even close to actually recording their fifth album, considering they’re still touring around Infinity on High, which came out earlier this year.

“We need a next breath in before we take the next breath out,” Stump said. “I always think of that total cliché that a record is like a child or a pregnancy even. There is a point where you’re just going to have a record, like, ‘Oh! It’s coming!’ And we’re not there yet. I don’t even know how far along it is. First trimester, maybe.”



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