Psst! It’s All About Now!

From today on, my blog shall be known as, JUNO3 or J3 for short or whatever you’d like to call it. For those of you who’re reading this through an RSS reader, come on over and see the new design. By the way, for now the domain will still redirect to, but within a week or two it will be the other way around.

Why the new domain?

More than 2 years ago I registered, thus Orange Days. I liked the name back then, but feel like I’ve outgrown it now and it doesn’t really fit and sound that good anymore. People have said to me that they almost expected my blog to be full of various shades of orange, but mostly it hasn’t been. I wanted to break free of that.

It was time for something new, something permanent. It should be more about my identity, something I wouldn’t outgrow, because believe me, I really don’t want to change the URL of a blog I’ve been running for such a long time. But I’d rather do it now and properly, than regret when it’s far too late.

So, are you saying this is the end of

No. But it will just redirect to, so everyone who’ve linked to me on their blogs, forums and so on won’t have to do a thing. But to the people who’ve bookmarked me, please use the new URL.

Why is it called JUNO3?

The name Juno derives from a major Roman Goddess and she’s the reason the month I was born in is called June. 3 is my favorite number and also happens to be the day I was born. June 3rd = JUNO3. I hope that cleared things up.

I don’t like the way your blog renders. By the way, I use Internet Explorer.

Get a real browser.

Other interesting uses of the name Juno:

3 Juno - one of the largest main belt asteroids

Juno Reactor - a trance music project and I’ve always liked their name. Their work has been featured in the Matrix trilogy.

Juno - a song by one of my favorite bands Funeral For A Friend.



Cool name and pwetty skin ^_^


Thank you so much QuiN, I can always count on you! :-)

I quite like the name + design myself. :-P I gotta give Derek of credit for the theme though, he’s pretty awesome in my eyes and someone I look up to.

EDIT: Also, I don’t quite know what’s going on but ever since I made the switch to and this new theme people have been signing up like crazy. Must be a good sign..

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