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One of my favorite Danish websites is Hitsurf, which I’ve been frequenting for years. It’s the website I go to when I want to find the newest and hottest dance/trance tracks; they have a top 20 chart created by the site’s users who voted on those songs, personal charts, but one of my favorite sections of the site is hittips, which as the name implies consists of songs tipped to be possibly future hits and then rated by people who have listened to that song.

Anyway, the reason I’m writing this is because I freaking designed the logo / banner. :-)

I wasn’t that impressed with the logo that has been there ever since the redesign a few months back (or something along those lines), so I opened up Photoshop CS3 and began playing around for a bit and ended up with what you can now see on the website. I wrote a letter to the webmaster and he really liked it and agreed to use this instead. By the way I tried to stay true to the original idea and I think it came out alright.

See the logo in action.



I’m so proud of you :D

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