New South Park Episode Tonight - Guitar Queer-o

Guitar Queer-o

I love the sound of tonight’s episode. I think it’ll be sweet as usual. After this episode there’ll only be one left though. :-(

Obsessed with the Guitar Hero video game, Stan and Kyle make a great team and score record points when they play. Stan realizes he has the potential for enormous success if he plays with another partner. He and Kyle break up but, without his friend, Stan quickly folds under the pressure of being a rockstar.



Hmm, after the Imaginationland trilogy this one is a bit dull. The end was hilarious though :D


I hear Imaginationland was supossed to be a movie. Do you know if that’s true? But honestly I thought this episode was just as good, I really thought it rocked! :D The part where Stan is playing GTA in the end was pretty damn cool too… Matt and Trey have soon covered every part of pop culture lol.

But yes Imaginationland was quite the epic trilogy ;)


Never heard that, but it could be true. 3 eps is about a full movie.

I still have to see the South Park movie, is he any good actually?


Yeah I don’t think they’ve ever done that before :O

Oh yes! The movie is so, SO freaking good. I don’t see how you wouldn’t love it if you are really into SP. And it sounds like you are. In fact, even though you aren’t a hardcore fan I think you’ll love it! Go watch somehow, please ;-)

Man, I’ve watched that movie about 10 times. Never get tired of it. :O


Well, to be honest, I just started to watch South Park a few weeks ago ^_^ . No idea why I began to watch so late, ’cause it’s great!

*downloading the movie btw ;-)


Well it’s never too late to get into SP IMO. Well maybe except for some of the very first episodes, but really almost every episode for the past 10 years has been great.

Allow me to recommend some episodes you simply HAVE to watch (if you can find them):

Manga Warriors
Season 8, episode 1

“The boys buy weapons at a fair and imagine themselves as anime characters.”

Probably my all time favorite episode! :D

Best Friends Forever
Season 9, episode 4

“Heaven attempts to kill Kenny after becoming master of the PSP, leaving him in a persistent vegetative state. Parody of Lord of the Rings, Constantine, and the Terri Schiavo affair.”

The Return of the Fellowship of the Ring to the Two Towers
Season 6, episode 13

“The boys go on a quest to return a tape “with evil powers” to the video store before the sixth graders steal it from them. Meanwhile, the parents try to find their kids to explain the context of the porno film they have in their possession.”

Scott Tenorman Must Die
Season 5, episode 1

“Cartman repeatedly tries to take revenge on an older kid who keeps conning him.”

Season 9, episode 9

“Butters fakes his own death so he can pose as a girl named Marjorine and steal a paper fortune-teller.”

Season 8, episode 5

“Butters befriends a robot (actually Cartman in disguise) he receives in the mail and takes him to Hollywood, where movie execs want him for film ideas, and the government wants him for national security.”

And of course Make Love, Not Warcraft, but I bet you’ve already watched that. :-P

Go get episodes from season 8 and up especially and you can’t go wrong.

Oh, and cool you’re downloading, I’m looking forward to hearing your opinion about the movie. :-)


Oh and about a year ago I blogged about some episodes I like:


Thanks, mate! I think it will be one of those lazy Saturdays in front of the computer for me :D
From the episodes you said, I only saw AWESOME-O, but that was the best one yet. ^^


No problem :-)

Sounds nice, we all need lazy saturdays sometimes haha. Oh, and I’m glad you liked AWESOME-O, I also thought it was one of the very best episodes. Gotta love Cartman. ^^

Looking forward to hear your thoughts about the movie when you have time..

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