Milk Inc - Tonight

Just uploaded this video to YouTube. I love the song. It’s smash hit of the week over at Radioseven, the online radio I listen to the most. Well it’s basically the only one too. :-)



Oehw, nice, is Milk Inc. known in Denmark? :p
At least one dutch group who made it out of Belgium ^^


Well sometimes they show up on the Danish dancechart:

So yeah, I guess I’d say that they are kinda known. Not the biggest though. By the way I really love their version of the song Tainted Love.

And I think it’s so cool that you have some awesome dance groups, we kinda suck here in Denmark maybe except for Infernal if you know them?


Hmm, don’t know Infernal, sorry ^^

Is that world idol winner Kurt Nilson not from Danmark?


Nope unfortunately not I think he’s from Norway. I love his song “My Street” though!

OK, Infernal is out. You gotta know Aqua then?? :D

(Not the band I want Denmark to be known for though, but they really are our biggest success in music. Ever. And they’ve just re-united sigh… seems to be the cool thing these days.)


Aqua as in the brilliant ‘Barbie Girl’? :D


Yeah, the one and only. :-P


Endnu en sang som kan køre på døgndrift i mit hoved :P

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