New South Park Episode Tonight - Imaginationland

South Park

Somehow I forgot to post about last week’s South Park (even though it was pretty funny, “Award Winning Show” sign showing up on the screen as Stan’s dad was taking a huge shit, anyone?) but here I am telling you about an all new episode tonight.

Finding Cartman’s leprechaun is just the tip of the iceberg when the boys are about to have the entire contents of the world’s imagination laid before them. The boys realize that what they know has become a valuable commodity to the U. S. government. Meanwhile, Butters is about to become collateral damage.

Man, I loves me some South Park. That and Scrubs. My girlfriend and I have probably watched like 15 Scrubs episodes since yesterday, because she’s sick. Those two shows are all I need to pass time, which reminds me I need to buy more seasons of both. I have the first three seasons of South Park and the first two of Scrubs, so I hope to at least expand each show by a few more boxsets each before Christmas.

Anyway, check out the new South Park episode tonight or whenever it airs in your country.


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