Another Evangelion 1.0 Review

Rebuild of Evangelion

There’s a review of Evangelion: 1.0 You Are (Not) Alone on Otaku News. I still can’t believe the movie hasn’t found its way onto various Bittorrent sites. Not that I would ever use one of those, but still…

This new film is excellent, and it wasn’t just the thrill of seeing it in Japan. Fans of the series that would approach this film with trepidation can be reassured that while changes have been made, it all seems to be for the better, and the addition of CG elements is subtle and looks stunning.



I can’t freaking wait xD!
It seems so wicked awsome!!!


Yeah I think it will be too! :-)

From what I can understand Shinji will be less of a whiner this time around, which I guess will please a lot of people, yourself included. :-P

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