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Say Anything

I absolutely cannot wait for this album any longer…

The group’s double-disc concept album chronicles the last three years of Bemis’ life, from his surprise diagnosis and struggle with bipolar disorder to falling in and out of love to searching for a happy religious medium. It’s expansive and grandiose, theatrical and personal, and it’s definitely a risk most bands (and their record labels) aren’t willing to take.

That quote was from an article about Say Anything and their upcoming double album In Defense of the Genre on

On top of that they also have an exclusive song called About Falling that you can listen to, which I already absolutely love! Speaking about new songs, there’s one I didn’t mention here called Spores, because, well frankly it’s the only one I’m not feeling all that much except the end when the handclaps set in. Furthermore in 4 days we’ll have what I believe is the last track we’ll hear before the release of the album. It’s called The Church Channel and features Hayley Williams from Paramore. The song was available for streaming for about 10 minutes on at one time and the few people that got to hear it said it was amazing, so that has my expectations for this album higher than ever.

Anyway, enough of that, here are the lyrics to the awesome About Falling.

the tide rolls by and i wonder why i felt inclined to try
my starry eyes were sacrificed
the sea divides but i don’t want to get lost in the ocean now
and as our single climbs the charts
i feed on their virgin blood from their bleeding hearts
with my pants around my ankles, i play my part
i’ve built the ark but i don’t want to get lost in the ocean
earth starts spinning around to the motion of
that i don’t really even care if i’m alone now
and i don’t really give a damn about falling in love
body burdened by my heavy heart of stone now
and i don’t really even care if i’m alone now
their flesh is sustenance; i cackle as I prey upon the weak and poor
i have no feeling and this prison is a home
i have no heart, i sold my soul
and i don’t really even care if you’re listening
“why won’t you wait for me?
why aren’t you waiting for me?”
never again


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