A Message From Chris Carraba

Chris Carraba from Dashboard Confessional wrote a blog entry on his website talking mostly about Say Anything and their new record. Yes, I know. I’ve turned into a full time Say Anything blogger, I’m truly sorry about that. I promise this will all go away, when I get my hands on the new record. :-)

Tomorrow is Max’s last night on this tour and I am depressed. If you read the things on our site you must know how close we are with the bands we tour with. This leads to friendships that last a lifetime. In the case of Max and Say Anything, we have become family. I have had the pleasure of listening to their massive new record and I am stunned. It is grand and it is inspired and it is spectacular. I was one of those folks who wanted–no, needed– the new record to be great. Is/Was A Real Boy is one of my favorite records in years. So fresh and raw. So unabashed and brave. How can they do that again and not sound like they are trying to stay exactly the same out of some fear of losing their audience? Well they have done something unexpected. They have grown and challenged the listener AND stayed as push button and strident as before! Max got weird last night after some kid whose entire spectrum of creativity comes with how poetically he can insult the bands he thinks he is as good as, posted a sell out comment on myspace after hearing the new SA song. Are you kidding me!?! Say Anything is the last band to ever be accused of such a thing. Being punk/indie/hardcore/whatever is not about choosing to make shitty sounding records when you can finally afford to make a good sounding one. How small minded that idiot must be to think so. You won’t find a kid with more independence in your life than Max. That includes being brave enough to spread his wings and take you along for the ride. Johnny said it best last night when he said “There’s far more critics out there than there is music worth writing about”. Stop grieving over the fact that some kid at your school that doesn’t dress like you and gets more dates than you do likes Say Anything or Paramour or My Chem or whoever— and listen to the music. And for God sake stop reading message boards and go listen to a real band, in real life, out in the real world, right fucking now!


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