Just came back from the cinema, where my girlfriend and I watched Superbad (from now on known as the most badass and ingenious movie of 2007).

It is absolutely wonderful, I found myself laughing with tears numerous times. The chemistry between the characters is beyond phenomenal. I simply cannot stress how everybody should go watch this movie. It’s definitely up there with American Pie when it comes to teen comedies, and dare I say it, even better sometimes, because whereas American Pie was mostly just an awesome and funny movie, I feel like Superbad has a lot more heart to it. It’s funny, heartwarming at times and just an all around amazing movie and I can’t wait for the DVD release. I haven’t been this excited for a movie since… hmm I’m not really sure, it’s definitely been a while. Just when you’ve almost given up hope for a great movie to arrive a gem like this comes along. I wasn’t really sure what to expect other than it looked funny and it got good reviews in the newspapers, so I’m happy to say it exceeded my expectations… and then some.

Watch the trailer for Superbad



Vi skal se den igen :P


Ja vi skal så. Kan jo slet ikke vente til den DVD kommer. :O

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