Design For Imaginary Website

Just a little something I made today. There’s no such thing as DL3 Media Group. DL stands for Dennis Larsen and 3 is my favorite number. I just wanted to see what I could come up with for a sort of introductory image kind-of-thing for a website that doesn’t exist. Why you ask? Because practice makes perfect and as a perfectionist I need to be my very best. Believe me, it’s no fun being a perfectionist, it’s a constant uphill battle trying to live up to others’ expectations and also your own of course. Also, more than anything, this was a color experiment for a possible redesign (colorwise that is) of this very blog.

Oh yeah, and be sure to click the image for the larger version to see the details.

DL3 Media Group

In other news: last week my girlfriend’s big brother hired me to design his band’s (they’re called Litmus Kismet) Myspace page.



very attractive - I love how you’ve used “kickass” for your logo


Thanks a lot Alyt. ;-)

I’ve also been working on the colors on the blog in case anybody didn’t notice.

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