Say Anything’s Upcoming Album

I’m pretty excited about Say Anything and their upcoming “In Defense of the Genre” double album out October 23rd. I wouldn’t consider myself a hardcore fan, but I did enjoy a few songs from “…Is A Real Boy” album from 2004.

One thing that makes me think this album is going to rock is because of the amount of amazing guest singers that will contribute to this project.

MCR’s Gerard Way sings on the title track, while Dashboard’s Chris Carrabba takes the mic for “Retarded in Love” and Taking Back Sunday’s Adam Lazarra contributes on “Surgically Removing the Tracking Device.”

Pete Yorn, Anna Waronker, DJ Swamp, Bayside’s Anthony Raneri, former Rainer Maria principal Caithlin De Marrais, Paramore’s Hayley Williams, the Alklaine Trio’s Matt Skiba, Saves The Day’s Chris Conley and the Starting Line’s Kenny Vassoli are among the other contributors to the album.

Now that sounds pretty damn promising to me, when such awesome people are willing to put their name on this CD.

Here’s the tracklist:

Disc one:
“Skinny, Mean Man”
“No Soul”
“That Is Why
“Surgically Removing the Tracking Device”
“This Is F*cking Ecstasy”
“The Church Channel”
“Shiksa (Girlfriend)”
“Baby Girl, I’m a Blur”
“Retarded in Love”
“People Like You Are Why People Like Me Ecist”
“Died a Jew”
“An Insult to the Dead”
“Sorry, Dudes. My Bad.”

Disc two:
“Spay Me”
“In Defense of the Genre”
“The Truth Is, You Should Lie With Me”
“The Word You Wield”
“About Falling”"
“You’re the Wanker if Anyone Is”
“We Killed It”
“Have At Thee!”
“Hangover Song”
“Goodbye Young Tutor, You’ve Now Outgrown Me”
“I Used To Have a Heart”

That’s an assload of songs. Some of them have to be good and a few amazing even. :-)



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