Even If It Kills Me

Motion City Soundtrack - Even If It Kills Me (2007)

I must say that I’m really impressed with “Even If It Kills Me”. Motion City Soundtrack has a really unique sound and I’m in love. For me this album is truly amazing. In fact I like almost every song on it, it’s so melodic, so incredibly good. I’m a sucker for melodic songs about love and almost every song is in one way or another about love, tragic love from time to time, yes, but certainly about love.

It Had To Be You, Last Night, Calling All Cops, The Conversation, Broken Heart, Hello Helicopter and Antonia are my favorite songs of the album.

If I had to pick only the best of the best it would be The Conversation and Broken Heart. The Conversation is a really slow song, but it gives me a certain feeling I can’t put my finger on when I listen to it, it’s such a good ballad and it really caught my attention. Broken Heart is the first single of the album, which I think says it all. It really kicks ass. It really took me by surprise at the end when he swears since I think it’s the only time on the entire record:

I’ll destroy this useless heart
I’ll fuck it up so it’ll never beat again
Not just for me but for anyone

When not overused, like on just about every single rap album out there, swearing can be really powerful in a positive way I think. That song proves it.

Watch the video for “Broken Heart”


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