Sony Ericsson W880i Walkman Phone

Sony Ericsson W880i Walkman Phone

I really needed to get a new mobile phone as the last one started to act up, as in turning off all the time. So last week I got a Walkman phone in a beautiful silver stainless steel finish. It’s absolutely gorgeous and incredibly thin. The only problem I have with it that I simply can’t figure out how to get it to vibrate, which is pretty useful if the sound is off. Me and my girlfriend will go to the store to ask tomorrow. But other than that I simply couldn’t be happier.




- just got an iPhone yesterday…


Wow you are so lucky. :-P

I live in Denmark, so it’ll probably take a year or something from now until iPhones arrive here, so there’s no point in waiting. I think I do want one eventually though. IF it’s possible to get it without going bankrupt after you sign some 6 month contract or similar and if it’s not as big as I think it is - I want to be able to put my phone in my pocket easily. But maybe that’s just me. :-P

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