Guns N’ Roses - There Was a Time

The upcoming album “Chinese Democracy” will kick some serious ass! At least I think so. I’ve heard about 4 or 5 songs from the album (some of them, well all of them probably were demos though) and they are E-P-I-C. But then again they better be because GnR started recording the album in 1994 and here in 2007 they’re still working on it. 13 fucking years. If those 4 songs are what can be expected on just a few more songs then I’ll say it’s been worth it. I’ll rather wait for over a decade for something epic than wait a year and a half for something that’s mediocre. I think this will be one of those albums that I’m able to pick up and listen to for forever. Those albums are rare, but everybody’s got a few like that.


Please, Don't Be Shy