South Park Wins Emmy for Make Love, Not Warcraft

South Park

Last night South Park won the Emmy for Outstanding Animated Program (less than one hour) with the incredibly popular Make Love, Not Warcraft episode. Congrats to Trey Parker and Matt Stone, now give me new South Park episodes!




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Warcraft Powerlevel:

Here are some WoW leveling tips that you really want to live by whenever you are leveling. It has helped me out a lot since I started playing and I know they will greatly benefit everyone as well.

Tip #1: Stick with a mixture of grinding and questing. One or the other by itself will probably slow down your progress but a nice mixture of both you can achieve the levels you want the fastest. There are tons of guides out there that will show you which quests to do, when to grind, and where to grind. One of my favorite Warcraft Powerlevel Guide.

Tip #2: Grab as many quests as possible whenever in a town and don’t return until they are all completed. This cuts down on travel time and it really is a lot of fun turning in 5-9 quests at the same time!

Tip #3: Stay focused and have a game plan before logging in. For some people this really isn’t a problem but, I know for me and some of my friends, it really can be hard to focus on leveling and I know I have lost many hours of valuable leveling time due to not having a game plan setup before playing. With a plan of action it really is harder to get side tracked by the auction house, PvP, etc.

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