The Morning After, An Awesome Upcoming Magazine-Style Wordpress Theme

Just wanted to give everybody who might be running Wordpress heads up on this theme I’ve been waiting for for… 3 months or something like that?! Some people over at its creator’s blog (his name is Arun Kale by the way) have clearly said that they thought it was taking too damn long. First it should be ready in June, then July, then August and now here in September it’s almost ready. After looking at the mockup below I gotta say it looks like it’ll be worth the wait.

The Morning After

Whether it’ll make me use this theme or not I’m not sure yet. Right now I must admit that I’m really liking the current theme I have. I need to fix some problems though, like for instance I need to somehow figure out why the “next page” is missing here on the frontpage. So for now people can’t really browse through older entries that easily unless they enter a post and click “older” or “newer”, but if you want to go a long way back then that can be a real pain I bet. I really need to fix that. Unfortunately the theme I’m using “Vicuna” was made by a Japanese guy, so it’s pretty difficult to navigate on his website. I did figure out a lot of things using Google Translator, but some stuff has been really hard to figure out. All that aside it’s an amazing theme, it looks great and it suits my needs. I’m pretty sure the only page that actually works like it’s supposed to is the About page though.



hi. I am writing it with a translation tool.
Link to old article.

The 54th line of index.php
And, the code of the 54th line from the second line described in function.php is necessary for this.
Did you delete it?
Please return it to default if you erase it.


oops…The php code has disappeared.

<?php paging_link(’next_label=Older Entries&prev_label=Newer Entries&indent=2′) ?>


I’m pretty sure the 54th line is now that php code you sent me. I simply replaced functions.php and index.php with the original files when I first downloaded the theme. The second line in functions.php is something about “newer” and “older” and the 54th line looks like what you gave me.

But it still doesn’t work. Did I misunderstand something?


I’m sorry. I do not understand the cause.

Wp.Vicuna has “Ext” version.

The usage is the same.
The customizing menu of vicuna is added to the management screen.


Thanks a lot for telling me about that. :-)

I’ll have to start upgrading to Wordpress 2.2 first. :-P

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