Gangster Daughter Sheds Light on Japan Underworld

As a person who loves Japanese pop culture I just might have to buy the book “Yakuza Moon” by Shoko Tendo very soon. This article makes her and her background sound very interesting to say the least.

With her dyed-brown long hair and tight designer jeans, Shoko Tendo looks like any other stylish young Japanese woman — until she removes her shirt to reveal the vivid tattoos covering her back and most of her body.

The elaborate dragons, phoenixes and a medieval courtesan with one breast bared and a knife between her teeth are a symbol of Tendo’s childhood as the daughter of a “yakuza” gangster and her youth as a drug-using gang member.

The author of “Yakuza Moon,” a best-selling memoir just out in English, the 39-year-old Tendo says that police efforts to eradicate the gangsters have merely made them harder to track.

But I might wait a bit to order the book because I just ordered The Alphabet of Manliness by Maddox again (after a previous order failed as they were out of stock and letting me know after it should have arrived!) this time from Amazon though and also Neon Genesis Evangelion: The Unofficial Guide - both books I can’t wait to get started on!


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