David Letterman Interviews Paris Hilton

S1ngular1ty1 from the Digg comments pointed this hilarious bit out:
Paris: “You’re making me sad”
Letterman: “Aww don’t be sad, awwww”
Pause 3 sec
Letterman: “Are you feeling better now”
Paris: “Yes”
She really is dumb.

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Sorry about the downtime today. It lasted quite a few hours, but I think we’re back better than ever. :-)

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A Day Away - Touch Me, Tease Me

More music for your listening pleasure. :-)

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Emery - The Party Song

Great song from Emery’s upcoming album “Only A Man” out October 2nd.

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The Oxford Murders Poster

At Oxford University, a professor (Hurt) and a grad student (Wood) work together to try and stop a potential series of murders seemingly linked by mathematical symbols.
Sounds interesting and the teaser poster looks pretty cool too. I have never seen the TV show “Numb3rs”, but it sure sounds a lot like that. That’s the […]


Evil Kitty Is Watching Your Every Move

Behave yourself, or else…

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Amazon.com Redesign

Amazon.com has a new design up. While I don’t think the website looks great as in flashy or jaw-droppingly good, big companies that actually want to sell stuff rarely have that. I think it does a better job of presenting itself than before and is an overall improvement. I still can’t believe that Amazon.com […]

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Dave Melillo - Knights Of The Island Counter

Another good song. I’m sorry about all the music lately, sometimes I just find a lot of music I want to share, whereas other times all the music I find is shitty. Well I bet these videos I’ve been posting are shitty to some out there, but you get my drift.

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Bayside - Duality

Check out this song. I think it’s pretty good.

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Serj Tankian - Empty Walls

First single from System of a Down frontman Serj Tankian. This is from his upcoming solo album “Elect The Dead” in stores October 23. That and Say Anything’s album on the same day. Yummy. :-)

Update: Make that Cobra Starship’s album too. :O

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