Here’s My Newest Mockup Design

We were told to go and create a mockup design of a dating site and I’m calling it Flirtatious, because I thought it sounded quite good. I was just about to make a joke about actually starting the website and then have the URL be, you know, web 2.0 style, but to my surprise it’s already taken and by invitation only of course. Back to the mockup… I would have liked to work more on it, but unfortunately I’ve been sick the past week, so I only had today… which was just a few hours, because Fridays are only from 8 am to half past 11 and as everybody must know you can’t possibly start the day without checking out Digg. Click the image to view a larger version and let me know what you think.




Kan godt være jeg ikke har så meget styr på alt der computer halløj, men jeg synes det ser godt ud, det du har lavet :)Det ser ret prof ud ;)


Mange tak skat, det var sødt sagt. :-)


Like it!
Maybe the blue links on the top are a bit off Maybe dark grey with orange letters?

Btw, great skin now!

And like your language :D


I think you’re right, I might have overdone it a bit with the blue buttons, so dark gray would definitely look good.

Thanks for the compliment, I really love it too. :-) And thanks, I guess Danish must look weird with letters like æ, ø and å, but it’s pretty cool that you like it ;-)

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