In My Restless Dreams

I just had the worst fucking night of my life. I tossed and turned and wasn’t able to have a nice and comfortable sleep, which is exactly what I needed seeing as I’m still sick - and have been for the entire weekend, actually ever since Thursday. So there went my weekend. Now back to last night. It was un-be-lieva-ble and not in a good way, mind you. It’s been a long time since I woke up at 3 AM actually wanting to die rather than going back to sleep. I still have a bit of a cold, my head feels heavy and I’m sure I’ll get a headache in a few hours. Too bad, because I was just thinking yesterday how I was feeling much better. I swear, sometimes I feel like us humans are fucking sheep making our way to each of our own destinations every fucking morning. There’s some stuff out there in the world that depresses me like war, hunger, religion - you know, sad stuff. But I don’t even have to think about that to get depressed, I just need to take a look at all the people commuting every morning to work, school and so forth in an almost primal manner as to see how many can fit on one bus or train. Everybody does the same thing, everybody says the same things, we are no more, no less than slightly above-average animals. Anybody who wakes up chipper and happy every day must be out of their fucking mind.



amen to that..
life can be a bit depressing sometimes…
do as the rest of us:
Quelch whatever feelings you might have and lie
to yourself until you’re happy again ^^

Please, Don't Be Shy