As you can see I’m using a new theme. It’s called Grady and it’s by A.M. Griffin over at Barley Hut. Amazing theme in my opinion, one of the very best I’ve ever seen and believe me I’ve seen a lot. Everything was so easy to set up. Here’s a couple of things I want to mention about the theme:

  • I love the fonts so much!
  • I now have the Extended Live Archives back (I’ve been missing them ever since I used K2 a while ago). So feel free to browse the archives in a much better way that previously.
  • He even made a sitemap, which I’ve always wanted to have, but never knew how to. Thanks!.
  • Posts that I put in the Aside category (for quick links or similar) are styled differently (look at the previous 2 posts).

I’ll probably change a few things here and there like colors and other minor things, but I honestly can’t think of anything right now. There was even a PDF included when I downloaded the theme that mentioned almost every possible thing. Like this for instance:

This text has been highlighted.

No themes are perfect, but this comes damn close.



I like minimalism, but this one has slightly overdone this method, in my opinion ^_^
None the less, it’s a beautiful one


Yeah I love minimalism too, very much actually. I’m glad you (somewhat) like it. ;-)


Well it’s looking pretty good Dennis. Glad you’re enjoying Grady. I’ll agree with Quin, it’s a minimal theme no doubt, and if that’s not your thing then this wouldn’t work for ya, but such is the case with most of life’s choices.

I’ll also point out that the site-map file I included was actually created and released by Chris Pearson. I think for this theme I didn’t modify or style a thing. Just to give credit where credit is due.

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