Move Over Jason Bourne!

Jason Bourne

Here’s an awesome link for you. Over at they’ve compiled a list of some really cool stuff that you could learn in no time.

Master these 15 simple techniques and hacks, and Jason Bourne will have some serious competition!
Knock someone out with a matchbox; create a complete new identity; burn holes through one inch thick steel; open any door; listen to conversations hundreds of yards away… Real Bourne Identity stuff which has been tried and tested.

After having bought the first two movies in the Bourne series and watched them (and also loving them to death) and with the third one in cinemas now, it’s pretty fun to see this stuff. I’ll take Bourne and his more human character and fucking awesome melĂ©e combat you see there over Bond any day.



Some of those things are quite cool ^^
I’ve actually tried to make one of those bumb-keys someplace in the past.. never succeeded though


If by “quite cool” you mean “insanely cool”, then sure man. :-)

Oh, sounds awesome, would like of those. :-P

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