I think it’s about time I talk about this new theme that I’m using. As the title indicates it’s called “Mimetic” and I was fortunate enough to get it before it was even officially available for purchase over at storelicious.com, which was also where I bought the previous theme Skamia. I highly recommend them. Many people might not want to spend money on something that can be downloaded for free many places, but in my opinion it’s been worth it - both times. The fact that you have a theme that can’t be seen everywhere (like most themes can) is worth it alone if you’re serious about blogging.

I love the minimalism of the theme. It’s very simple and therefore easy on the eyes. The text and images are more in focus than ever. Less is more. With Skamia I sometimes felt like the theme was a bit too big and there was a lot of useless information, especially in the sidebar. So I’m quite happy with the new theme, feels less clumsy and I love how you feel like exploring stuff thanks to the adjustments you can make yourself via the icons in the sidebar. Here’s some stuff you can do there:

  • Add the searchbar
  • Get quick information about me
  • Contact me
  • Make page wider/slimmer
  • Increase/decrease text size
  • RSS feed
  • You can collapse sidebar stuff by clicking the title

As discussed over at the OD forums, I’m able to choose between three designs… you’ll see all three if you follow the previous link. White (the one I’m using), black (which was the one I fell in love with and initially sparked my interest) and a third one called “clean”. Black and White are my personal favorites, but right now I’m not switching. I’ve been thinking about switching to black for a few days though.

Also a bit off topic, my portfolio is now something I can be proud of once again! Only took me all summer, sigh…


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