Club Burn

Yesterday was tons of fun!

  • Cinema
    At 4:30 pm me and my girlfriend went to see The Simpsons Movie even though I had already seen it. It was still as awesome as the first time I saw it and I’m thinking about getting the DVD when it comes out. It takes about five months for a movie to be released on DVD though, so Denmark sucks ginormous donkey balls in that regard.
  • Bowling
    Me and my girlfriend also went bowling with a couple of friends. I haven’t bowled for a while, but I was fortunate enough to win. I think I averaged a 120 in the 3 or 4 series we played. I don’t really remember if it was 3, 4 or maybe even 5 because I think the beer that we won (too difficult to explain) got to me.
  • Club Burn
    And after drinking for a bit we went to Club Burn, which was awesome. It’s an outdoors kinda disco with a beach theme. Even though it’s been pouring down all summer it did feel like summer for a few hours there. Will definitely return soon.


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