Here’s My Newest Mockup Design

We were told to go and create a mockup design of a dating site and I’m calling it Flirtatious, because I thought it sounded quite good. I was just about to make a joke about actually starting the website and then have the URL be, you know, web 2.0 style, but to my […]


Three More Seasons of South Park

I’m very excited about these news. South Park will run for three more seasons! Where most TV shows usually turn permanently shitty at some point *cough*The Simpsons*cough* South Park has continued to amaze and amuse me for all these years. Sure, some episodes now and them did indeed suck, but not entire seasons!
“Three more […]

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Silent Hill 5 EGM Scans

In the latest issue of EGM (Electronic Gaming Monthly) there’s 8 pages of goodies about Silent Hill 5. This game sounds awesome! Hmm I might just have to buy a 360 or PS3 afterall.
Oh, and as usual check out Kendra’s blog post about this.
Page 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8.

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Wordpress Plugin: Douche Bag

I just heard about this simple, yet awesome Wordpress plugin called Douche Bag. What it basically does is allowing you to insert a tag before a comment (if the comment is lame) and that person will have a douche bag next to the comment for everybody to see. You can get the plugin here.

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New Found Glory - Crazy For You

I LOVE New Found Glory’s cover of Madonna’s “Crazy For You”. You can listen to it here. It also features Max Bemis of the band Say Anything. I love both bands, which only makes it even more sweet. The song is from the album “From the Screen to Your Stereo Part II”, which will […]

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Controversial Harry

The video I uploaded about Harry Potter and his love of Ron, which is totally fake, but really funny has now hit an amazing 3 million views on YouTube! I didn’t make it myself by the way.

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New Digg Design

Today a new and improved Digg was unveiled. I like - a lot actually. Not much has changed, but the subtle changes are appreciated, like giving videos some much deserved attention for instance.
PS: Now give us that damn image section already, grrr…

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Panic! at the Disco Live from Leeds 2007

Below you’ll find PATD performing two new songs. It sounds like we’re gonna hear a new sound from Panic, but honestly I don’t particularly mind, but I do hope that there will be some songs that you can dance to like, well “Time to Dance”, which is my favorite song from their first album. […]

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Motion City Soundtrack - Broken Heart

This is the first single from Motion City Soundtrack’s upcoming album entitled “Even If It Kills Me” out September 18. I love the album art by the way.

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As you can see I’m using a new theme. It’s called Grady and it’s by A.M. Griffin over at Barley Hut. Amazing theme in my opinion, one of the very best I’ve ever seen and believe me I’ve seen a lot. Everything was so easy to set up. Here’s a couple of things I […]


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