Some Kind of Monster

Metallica: Some Kind of Monster

So, it’s been raining all day and not really knowing what to do I went to (as usual) and I found an interesting article on Metallica and their upcoming ninth album. It talks about the promising signs and the concerns about the album and if you’re a fan of Metallica (Lars Ulrich is Danish too, w00t!) I suggest you check out the article. I know I’m getting more and more excited about it, because truth be told I tried my very best to love St. Anger, but I simply couldn’t. Reading that this album may be a cross between “& Justice For All” and “The Black Album” has completely restored my faith in the upcoming album.

Metallica: Some Kind of Monster

The article also mentions the 2003 documentary “Some Kind of Monster”, which has aired a couple of times here in Denmark, but I always seem to miss the first half hour or more, but today I got to watch it in its entirety. I really loved it. A critic sums it up pretty great:

It works because there is something oddly compelling about watching legendary heavy metal, hard rock tough guys go to therapy and talk about their feelings.

So be sure to watch it next time it’s on TV!


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