Rebuild of Evangelion Trailer

Rebuild of Evangelion 1.0: You Are (Not) Alone is gonna be fucking epic!

From Wikipedia:

Several iconic scenes from the original series that have been recreated almost shot for shot, re-animated with modern digital animation techniques.

The production team has already stated that the film will end with the defeat of the 5th Angel, Ramiel. The trailer shows a glimpse of Ramiel in addition to reveals that the third and fourth angels, Sachiel and Shamshel, with updated designs.

Toji beating up Shinji as in Episode 3 of the series in retribution for his sister being injured in the battle against Sachiel.

Rei will be bandaged similar to how she was through the first three episodes as a result of her injuries when Eva 00 went berserk.

Several shots of Evangelion Unit-01 being powered up inside of the Eva launch bay and Eva Unit 00 holding its shield right before the fight against Ramiel are included.

Some glimpses are seen of Tokyo-3’s buildings emerging from the ground, utilizing the new computer generated imagery

The trailer ends with orbital shots of Japan completely turning going dark and then powering up again, as part of Operation Yashima in the fight with Ramiel (a similar orbital view appearing in the original series).

Utada Hikaru will be providing the theme song “Beautiful World” of her single Beautiful World / Kiss & Cry. “Fly Me To The Moon” also has a newly-created reprise remix from the original released in 2000. It serves as the theatrical trailer’s song.

I’m so pumped for this movie!



I really really like that song!
And the rest as well of course ^^!
It seem so very COOL !!! xD

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