The Simpsons - Rise and Fall of A Comic Genius

Over at Guardian they have an interesting story about The Simpsons and how it started out as a fantastic show, but eventually became repetitive to a ridiculous degree and basically just far-fetched.

I know I have mixed feelings about the upcoming Simpsons movie. If it’s anything like the recent episodes it will surely suck. If it’s anything like this guy describe here it will rock. We’ll see.

True, a long-running series has to evolve. Nobody would expect Simpsons episodes to still be solely about Lisa getting a pony or Bart failing a school exam. But, in the second decade of its life, The Simpsons evolved into a dreadfully predictable monster. With each new series came the same questions. Which foreign country will the family just happen to end up visiting this time? Which pop star will the family just happen to encounter while there? And what unsubtle bit of physical violence will Homer be subjected to en route? Contract leprosy, perhaps; get raped by a panda; or maybe get his head trapped between two halves of a lowering drawbridge?



There is definiteley some truth in it. The last episodes were descent, but just so predictable.

I hope the movie is better. I just fear they put the best scenes allready in the trailers (like Shrek 3) and ther’s nothing really interesting left.

We’ll see ;)

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