Silent Hill 5 Teaser

Silent Hill 5

Some details have been revealed about Silent Hill 5 and a teaser has been released as well at this year’s E3.

“Silent Hill V (Provisional Title) marks the first appearance of the acclaimed series for Next Generation systems. The game follows Alex Shepherd, a war veteran returning home from an overseas tour of duty. Alex has taken compassionate leave following the news that his younger brother, Joshua, has gone missing. Initial investigations lead Alex to the small, insular community of Shepherd’s Glen, before he finds himself in the mist-shrouded and seemingly empty streets of Silent Hill…

Check out Kendra’s blog post for more info.



I think that the last Silent Hill was a bit :-/.. Actually it wasn’t even meant to be a Silent Hill game, but the game was crazy and scary, foggy and twisted; the usual for the genre, so they put’d Silent Hill related stuff in it, and tardaaaa: Silent Hill 4 was complete.


I totally agree. Actually it might be even worse with SH5 because Team Silent Hill (who worked on 1, 2 and 3) apparently aren’t gonna work on this one. :-(


You got to push it-this eessnital info that is!

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