World’s Scariest Ghosts Caught On Tape

Do not watch this unless you want to risk not sleeping tonight. Especially the first half of this program sent chills down my spine.



Except for the fact that I can’t get myself to believe it…
Sad, but I (As always) just can’t believe it :-(


I think i saw this one allready (not going to risk spending bandwidth, the limit is very strict here in Belgium :p), is it the one with that chair moving and that guy on the attic?

I found it quite disturbing actually. Big chance it’s not true tho, but I just like to believe in those things. It makes life a bit more spicy :D


Yup that’s right, that’s the one! I thought that was extremely scary. And the little girl just keeps on doing her homework while the chair is moving. Unless you mean that other chair that also moves very fast they show later on. Either way, I thought it was spooky.

Wow I feel totally the same about what you said about life and spicing it up a bit. :-)


Hvor skræmmende! Jeg tror ærlig talt, at der er mere mellem himmel og jord :O Tror absolut på videoen, måske naivt…

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