Cloverfield Trailer


Now this looks like one interesting movie. Cloverfield (might just be a codename since the trailer simply ends with “Produced by J.J. Abrams”) is a movie, in which NYC is attacked by monsters… or something like that. It’s recorded using a handheld camera and we follow the attack in an almost documentary like manner. It reminds me a lot of the hit show Lost with the whole “It’s a giant lion!” thing somebody yells when the attack begins and everybody is running. Furthermore it also reminded me a whole lot of The Host, a Korean movie I’ve previously blogged about where the city of Seoul is also suddenly attacked by huge monsters… during bright daylight.

Here’s the IMDb for the project.

There’s also a website up (although not that much to look at yet) simply called, which as you’ve probably already guessed, refers to the January 18th, 2008 premiere.

Sorry about the quality of the trailer, but the video was recorded inside a movie theater and shown just before the Transformers movie so that’s something we’ll have to live with for now. I really can’t wait to watch this baby in all it’s orgasmic Quicktime-quality glory.


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