Hard Candy

Hard Candy

Just watched the movie Hard Candy and I highly recommend it. It’s based on reports the producer David Higgins read about Japanese schoolgirls ambushing men who surfed the Internet for underage dates.

For three weeks, 14-year-old Hayley Stark has been chatting on-line with ‘Lensmaster319′, a 32-year old fashion photographer, named Jeff. The two agree to meet at a coffee shop called Nighthawks. They hit it off, despite the massive age difference. Hayley appears to flirt with Jeff, and Jeff generally restrains himself, even admitting that he must wait 4 years until he can be with her. But his reservations are apparently not enough to decline when Hayley all but invites herself over to his house. Once at the house, manipulation becomes the name of the game, and the pedophile seems to be on the non-traditional side of it.



God film - må se den igen :)

Wilmer Everett:


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