Everybody, Meet Skamia


Skamia is what you’re looking at right now. That’s right, I’ve decided to go in a new and fresh direction in terms of my blog design and that’s what this brilliant Wordpress theme is gonna help me with.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a K2 lover (aren’t we all?), but the old theme was starting to feel bloated. With 30+ plugins installed I can understand why. No but seriously, it has felt that way for quite some time. This theme feels way more light and more fun to browse. So it is with sadness, but no remorse that I bid adieu to the old K2-powered Orange Days.

I want to show my appreciation to storelicious.com for helping me out with all sorts of stupid questions I had about Skamia. And also to Tweekie, a good friend of mine, for helping me out with the flash header.


Google Addict:

Hi !

Skamia cost money right? It looks like it free but as far as i understand Spanish they want 60 US for it?

Tack sa lange :)


Yeah it does cost money, but personally I think it was worth it because I used to spent so much time working on all the old themes I had and for once I’m not worrying about that anymore.

They do have 3 free themes if you should be interested: http://www.storelicious.com/?cat=9

You’re welcome. ;-)

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