Dance, Monkeys, Dance

So true.



Makes one wonder.. sure do…

But, I mean seriously:
“Monkies likes to draw imaginary lines in the dirt” :-P
Hilarious, seriously hilarious (and thoughtful too though ;-))


Yeah, very well done actually. He’s really got a point though, we should really stop taking ourselves so seriously and realize who we are - no more than a complex (compared to others) animal.


Then again.. Are we such complex beings?
For example:

-We are the who has the hardest time reproducing, other animals succed first time…

-We are the beings who’re taking the longest learning how to take care of ourselves, we have to be at least 10 to even feed ourselves… Many animals take care of themselves from birth…

-We’re the only being who in some way strive to destroy the world we live in and are dependent on… (e.g. pollution etc.)

-We are the only race who wage war on each other in such enormous proportions..

We truly are a sad race… we’re smart an curious, nothing else..
Sad really :-(

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