OiNK’s Pink Palace


This morning I woke up to a rather nice surprise. I got a freakin’ invite to oink.me.uk. (Thanks Lono!)

For the people who don’t know about this place, it’s an elite music torrent site where you can get almost any album. From what I hear from people it’s a “if you can’t find it there, it probably doesn’t exist” kinda place and after checking out the site I think I might have to agree with them. The amount of pure quality releases are just ridiculous, in a good way of course. To get an idea of just how good this site is just have a look at the amount of seeders vs. leechers.

Seeders: 1,446,155
Leechers: 43,151

All in all I’m very excited about being invited to join OiNK and if I ever reach the level of “Power User+” I might just hand out a few invites on this very blog.



Don’t ever hand out invites to people you don’t 100% know and trust. Please.


I know that can result in losing my account, don’t worry. I’ll make sure it’s people I’ve known for a while and can trust.


i will pay you top $$ for an invite please!! i heard about this site and man it sounds like the bomb


if you sell your account it will result in getting banned and the person you sold it to

and really it should be someone that you have known or met in real life much safer


I’m not gonna sell, it’s against the rules..


Hey I was wondering if i could get an invite also… I am trying to find out better crap than what my fiancee already knows! he thinks everything he gets is better than me so n.e wanna help me prove him wrong please let me in!!!!! *please*


Please invite me!!! I have been dying to get into Oink!thereisahorseinmypants@yahoo.com


is there anyway of getting an invite to OINK from you? I am an active demonoid user and would love to get OINK. Thanks


I heard Oink is the best site for music. I am up for an invite if there is any left……. I have so much music I can up load as well. Please Invite ME!!!!!!!


yeah demonoid doesnt come close to oink and the only way anybody will ever get an invite is by somebody you know. the people who run oink are like ‘music nazis’ and thats what makes the site so damn good. people who have or had oink know this first hand.
If you have an oink account hold onto it with your dear life cause trust me, ive been searching for years on different free music sites and cant find anything that comes close to the perfection of oinks.


I have been a member of oinks for about a year and a half and it is great. I have a few invites as well as many of my friends and others that I have invited in the past. If you are interested check out http://8bitcommunity.proboards102.com/ where we have a specific Oinks forum or check me out at http://marcon4real.stumbleupon.com/

Steven C.:

Hey, I herd about this site from my friend and seen some of it first hand. I want to know how to get an invite?? all the music I download is hard to find.. and I have ALOT of music to upload so if any one could help me. . I would be a happy man.



I have many invites to oink. I would be willing to trade an invite for other bittorrent site invites that I might be interested in.


[quote comment=”65347″]I have many invites to oink. I would be willing to trade an invite for other bittorrent site invites that I might be interested in.[/quote]

I have a few invites to Torrent-Damage. I’d be willing to part with one for an invite to oink. Lemme know….


Yeah that sounds good, how should we go about it?


Leave me an email where you want the invite to go to as well as shoot me an invite for oink to the same email. mguillote@hotmail.com


send my invite to partyboy_cowboy@hotmail.com


Umm hello, i just came across your site during my curious ’studies’ of oink.
It sounds like a very amazing website. Your very lucky to be invited.

I’m a musician and artist with quite a very broad spectrum of obscure music ranging from basically all genre’s, styles and times.
So i suppose like everyone else i’m wondering how you were invited? Or perhaps how i could be? I’ve wanted to be a part of it for years.

I’m not even sure if this website is still running, or if you even visit it anymore.
Although if you could give me some further information on how i could possible get an invite, i would greatly appreciate it. It would be very inspirational and beneficial for my own music.

Although yeah enough of my begging.
Alex. M. H.



Hi Alex,

It really is an awesome site. I was very lucky to get invited on some forum, where I told this guy that I promised to keep a good ratio. I also showed him my ratio from Demonoid.com and that seemed to convince him.

I was wondering how experienced you are with torrents and if you know about ratio and all that stuff? Not that I think that you would do anything bad, but if you cheat to have a better ratio on OiNK I’ll probably get banned as well so I really have to make sure that you know a bit about this stuff. That said I’ll think about giving you an invite, I have 2 right now that I haven’t used yet.


Just thought i would try my luck for an invite. i was a member of oink for a long time but due to not having net access for over a year i lost my account.
i have tons of music and am also a musician.
well anyway fingers crossed thanks



Would anyone be so kind as to send a guy an invite to oink. I contributed several Gigs and lost my membership for inactivity. no1uno30@yahoo.com


As I mentioned in my previous comment I have 2 invites. One I’m already thinking about giving away, but the other I’ll give to someone in exchange for a BitMeTV invite. Anybody interested?


I have a huge collection courtesy of my ten years managing a record store. If anyone could get me an invite to “the palace”, it would be appreciated. (listmail at spunn . net)
I realize you don’t know me from Adam, but I thought I’d try…


Oink must be really impossible to get in. I’ve looked several places and offered Demonoid accounts and such to no avail. I’ll try here as well. Please will some kind soul invite me. My ratios are very decent at the sites I frequent. And I have a lot to offer. ceddparis@gmail.com


oink is great. i have some invites… four to be exact.


Please please can i have i one


Any one want to help a guy out with an invite? no1uno30@yahoo.com


so, dennis, i have an offer for you! i’ve been trying to get back onto OiNK ever since my account was deleted for inactivity (stupid, i know, but the my sad excuse is that i was really focusing on college stuff :/. i mean, what is up with this school thing getting in the way of my music downloading?!)

anyhow, i see that you’re a japonophile… do you like katamari damacy, by chance? i will trade you beautiful pictures of a huge, amazing chalk drawing that was made at my college campus that’s all about katamari and stuff. it is waaay cool. anyhow, lemme know!




Haven’t played Katamari Damacy (even though I really want to!) actually, but you’ve still peaked my interest, however…

If I had more than one left I’d love to give you one. But to be honest I’d really have to consider giving you the last one, because I know it’ll take a while for me to get more invites and what I really really want is a BitMeTV invite. So for now I have to say no, sorry. :-(


I can trade you a “blackcats-games” invite. I have 10.


I can get you a “HDbits” invite to.


I can get a “blackcats-games” invite or an “HDbits” invite.
I dont know if this is going to be a dual post. Wierd stuff on my comp today.


if you read my above comment (#11) you can get an invite very easy. I am currently sitting on 6 myself


[quote comment=”68509″]sarah,

Haven’t played Katamari Damacy (even though I really want to!) actually, but you’ve still peaked my interest, however…

If I had more than one left I’d love to give you one. But to be honest I’d really have to consider giving you the last one, because I know it’ll take a while for me to get more invites and what I really really want is a BitMeTV invite. So for now I have to say no, sorry. :-([/quote]

Hello Dennis.
I’m really interested on your Oink invitation. Actually I have accounts on some of the most important trackers, keeping high ratios on all of them and I’m trying to get an invitation to Oink for a long time. You said you need a bitmetv.org account, and I supose because you’re interested on TV Shows… Did you already take a look on www.tvtorrents.com?? Maybe that site has all you need. If so, could you give your oink invitation in term of gratitude for the tip?? ;)

Thank you very much!!



it’s the first time i come here and the first
thing that catches my eye is all that begging for an invite.
i wonder what is so special about this site that all the others don’t have.
i myself have been downloading the files i needed for over 1 year with torrents and i think the public sites do great things.
has it got extra features, more torrents? please tell me or mail me because i’m new with all those private sites.
thanks in advance
paige B



The main difference is quality, which many public sites lack. Not everything is allowed to be uploaded, there’s all sorts of rules. The close community that comes with the invite is definitely a plus if you’re into that sort of thing. There’s also some extra stuff on the site that just makes it an entirely different experience and a better one at that. There’s always seeders, nobody does hit ‘n runs like you see on almost all public torrent sites. But I guess you really have to see for yourself for this to make sense. I don’t mind public trackers, but I like the private ones a lot more. All in all I’ve never seen any site come as close to perfection as OiNK’s Pink Palace.


Hey, Mr. Fleischer!
I Was pruned from Blackcats-games due to a holiday trip to England. I liked the site so much that i am willing to beg an invitation to the site. Pretty please, send it to
martinlink (at) hot.ee

To Fleicher:

Hey sorry for post this here, but i wanted to let Fleicher know that i have a demonoid invite i’d trade for a blackcats invite if you have one. I really have been trying hard to get onto blackcats, thx for your time and contact me at rkaplan27@gmail.com if your interested.


to be very honest: i had never heard of the pink palace.what you say is true about public sites. there are a lot of leechers, but most of the files are being reseeded afterwards.i think it’s kind of a challange to get the torrents you want :-)
but hey, if it has more quality and all i will try it. i found one where i would been able to get in with a lot of patience, Demonoid. when i have been able to get into that site i will tell you what i think of it. you made my expectations quite high i must say
thanks for the info though
paige b


I’ve been on Demonoid for quite a while and I wouldn’t judge elite private torrent sites based on that. Ever. Demonoid is open for registration every Friday from what I can understand and shitty leechers will probably be able to get in and every time that happens the site will suffer more and more. Demonoid has a lot of good stuff, not just music like OiNK, but what OiNK does it does perfectly and it’s the users that make that happen.


OiNKs changed my life. Truly. 77 weeks, and I hope for 77 more. It is the best music source online. I find everything there!


I’m fairly new to the whole torrent world (I’ve been using soulseek which has been giving me grief, well, since forever.) I realise begging for an invitation to a private torrent site is futile; just wondering if someone could suggest a good public site to start off with.


OiNK was apparently mentioned in a newspaper the other day: http://blog.orgday.org/wp-content/images/misc/OinkG.jpg


hi have torrentleech.org and audionews.ru invites
do u waht to trade ?


hi there i only have a demonoid accound but im a good seeder im honest to you i really want a oink invitation, and i know you can ^^ know my mail please if you want tell me im from mexico and i were eternal gratefull ^^, i can make a design for you xDDDD i have no ideas xD my deviant xD loomitz.deviantart.com xD


Hey Y’all,

Man I’m jonesing to get in the Pink Palace. I have much music and good Demonoid history…

We’re talking:

rare madlib
Mulatu Astatke
Sun Ra
Terry Riley
Steve Reich

and much much more…

forever indebted…



Hi. Can anyone give me an oink invite?
I’ve try too hard but no one wants to give one.
my mail is :us_dm@clix.pt


I have some oink invites, if Fleischer or anyone has a blackcats invite i will definately swap.


I would like an Oink invite as well. I can trade for a Demonoid invite. If anyone is interested contact me at McCabe246@gmail.com.


Hey guys, I’m also lookin for an invite to oink it would be awesome if someone could get me one. Itunes is stupid and doesnt have the music i want.

So my mail is DeathBecomesHim@hotmail.com

I really dont have anything to repay you. but an invite would be great.



i would really like to use blackcats website but i can not get an invite

can someone help of a girl in need?

Sam XxXxX


sup guys i actually lost my oink account and password because i didn’t log in which was foolish. anyway it seems people here are having some success with the invites. if you want some proof check out my demonoid. http://www.demonoid.com/users/chinkbot6000

as u can see i have created several torrents and seeded the heck out of them. in reality i’ve probably upped 250 gb but demonoid doesn’t track well when you have dynamic ip.

anyway if someone could hook me up with the invite I’d definitely appreciate it


Well I too would love an Oink invite. I’ve been in the music game for a long time, used to up to eMule through Music Donkey and ShareReactor. Belonged to a couple release groups [tBR] the most notable. You can still find a lot of my/our music on the eDonkey/eMule networks.

If you would be so kind as to invite me I would appreciate it.



Hi. Ive been a member of oink for over 2years and this morning i cant get access to the site at all.. is any one having this problem, i need oink to live..


Hmm that’s odd… it works fine for me. :-/


i’ve been having issues getting on oink today as well, so it’s not just you (coolbugs). it seems to be hit or miss today.


Can you access the IRC channel Deric? Can anyone help or reccomend where i could get some.


I too am not able to get to OiNK just as of today. No matter what I always get the following:

Server not found

It’s been about 12 hours and not once have I gotten on.


hi, i’m sorry but i think that oink is dead on june 11 2007.


Well some of my eFriends are not having any problems getting on and using, so it seems to be something else. Don’t think it’s dead. I’m with Verizon. Anyone else that can’t get on with Verizon?


OK, now OiNK isn’t working for me either. :-(


Its working for me now after 24hours.. not sure what it was but im glad to be back!


Working for me now too. There’s a thread about it in the OiNK forums called DNS problems - “Host Not Found” if anyone wants to read up on the cause.


Can someone please invite me to oink?



I found your site with google and wonder if you know any other way to join oink than being invited ?
It seems impossible to get it really.

I heard about this the first time a few days ago while using SoulSeek.
Somebody recommended oink as the best p2p out there.

Please let me know … there MUST be an easy way.




I found your site with google and wonder if you know any other way to join oink than being invited ?
It seems impossible to get it really.

I heard about this the first time a few days ago while using SoulSeek.
Somebody recommended oink as the best p2p out there.

Please let me know … there MUST be an easy way.



I have 10 invites to blackcats games would trade for OINK invite anyone…?


Hello, he would be interested by an invitation. He contacts with me.
Up to soon!


adajare would you please email me.


gatos21, coolbugs, dennis, deric

i can prove to you i would be a useful member of oink and help out the community. i have already started my own torrents on demonoid that have done well and i have a good ratio. http://www.demonoid.com/users/chinkbot6000

if you could take 2 minutes of your time and send me an email i would greatly appreciate it guys. im not really sure of any other way but to ask you guys…




Unfortunately I’m all out of invites for now and currently working my way up to Power User+.

I hope that someone here will give you an invite since you asked so nicely and have a pretty impressive history with demonoid.


Hi to all of you,

I´ve been looking for an oink invitation without any luck.

Please if someone could send me an invitation I will apreciate it, a lot!

I promise to give all my invitations to the people who is looking for it.

My email: egvallas@gmail.com

Greetings from Spain!


Adajare will you please add me olinga3@hotmail.com


hi everyone , anyone want a tl. acc. and revtt. acc for an invite to oink have great http://www.revolutiontt.net/io’s


and my email is robbimj@internode.on.net


vip only biatches


dont post this shit, wtf is wrong with you dennis


What I write on my blog is none of your business.


actually someone was nice enough to hook me up with an account thanks to ur blog so. THANKS DENNIS


You’re welcome chinkbot6000 :-)


Hi, is everyone getting on oink ok atm? im having network problems so it could be me


Nope. I haven’t been able to connect or access the site for a few days. :-(


dns problems are over.


can someone send me an invitation for the Oink Pink’s Palace


Hello!I would love to be invited to oinks pink palace, my email is beej027@yahoo.com


Hey i just got back from a summer of tree planting to pay for university and completely forgot about oinks rule of deleting inactive accnts. I have been with oinks since it was created know all the rules and obviously had a great ratio or i woulda been kicked off yrs ago. I cannot live without oinks once ur on that site nothing ever compares. i know about transrips, their minimum bit rates, seeding policies etc etc i have over 100 gb of oinks music to share hopefully someone can help me out. message me at tmanton@sfu.ca thanx so much




hey yall, ive been looking high and low, mostly high, for an oink.cd account ive tried everything from mIRC to selling my body. could anyone make my year and send me an invite??


You know what? I’d love to help you out, but unfortunately I’m only a bit more than halfway there to receive more invites. Sorry. But maybe someone else here will send you one. Try leaving your e-mail.


kk good point Denis. my e-mail goes a little something like this owenmerrill06@gmail.com. if anybody has an invite they would like to send me, i would be more excited than the time i stumbled across what i thought to be a one dollar bill but then turned out to be a twenty!


please could some one send me an invite for oink pyromaniac000@hotmail.co.uk got a good ratio on to other torrent sites


if there are any invites around i would like one mrbump2000@yahoo.com. i had an account but i didnt access it for a month and it was deleted…


Heya i’m very keen to have an oink account if anyone wants to share. I have a demonoid account with invites if that helps anyone. Peace


Hey i know a friend from school who is in the oink “thingie”.He says that there are top quality mp3’s. I want to join this site but i dont know how. He trust me but he dont risk his account for his music from china what is not easy to find on other torrent sites. I want to join this site to, for music i cant find and albums in store. Plz can someone tell me how i can join or invite me. Email is Falken_tires@hotmail.com it would be appreciated.


I am willing to give Blackcats, revolutiontt, torrentleech,pisexy, torrent-damage and an xxx membership for an Oink invite. anyone interested send me an email at gtherion at vivodinet.gr


i am interested in geting invited to oink.
i collect quality 320 electronic music
House/Progressive,Techno,Tech house singles,albums and livesets
currently 200 gb of quality music
if this is possible contact me: bon_ch1@hotmail.com


i ALSO used too have a oink account but lost my internet access i was active member of demonoid with awesome ratio my upload was like 53 gigs and download was somewhere in between 30 and 40 gigs so please if someone could send me an invite that would be awesome!!




I had pink oink about a year ago, my memory couldnt handle all the music. So I bought a new computer recently and now I’m looking to get it again. I still have all of my music from before so i’ll be able to keep a good ratio.

Thanks. craig275@gmail.com


a friend of mine told me about oink, and it does sound incredible.

I have an extensive music collection ranging from rare old electronic tracks across most other genres, that has taken me a long time (probably unnecessarily from the sounds of oink) to collate.

I have never been a part of an invitation-only torrent site, only registration ones, so i do know how the ratio system works and would maintain a healthy one I am sure. I don’t want to push my friend for an invite, as he has only just joined and wants to wait a bit before inviting.

When people are describing their accounts being deleted for ‘inactivity’, is that purely from not uploading enough or just not being an active-enough member of the community?

Im not in that much of a rush to get on though, I think the stringent invite limitations must keep the quality high and decrease the chance of scammers. If anyone does have an invite for a worthy recipient, though, I’m doogsgordon@hotmail.com,



From the FAQ:

I used to have an account and now it’s gone. What happened?

Inactive accounts (that is, accounts where you don’t use the web site for six weeks in a row) are automatically deleted. They are deleted, not disabled, and there’s no way to get them back. The only exceptions to this rule are donors and those who’ve achieved Power User+ status. Those accounts will never be deleted for inactivity. We don’t have a “park” feature for accounts as all that’s needed to reset the inactivity timer is to browse one page while logged in to the site.

Judging from your post you sound like a decent guy and I bet you would take good care of your account, but I don’t have any invites to hand out right now. It will probably take me a while. Maybe someone else can help Dougal out??? :-)


I guess Google don’t like pink all that much:


cheers dennis,
it’ll be worth the wait, I’m sure.
funny about the google-ads…how dare they pigeonhole oink users so?


i am wondering if someone can send me an invite to this site please
oinks is a cool site of which i used to be a member but i had some bad luck late last year of which was offline for around 8 months and i wasnt in a position to park my account and to be honest i cant remember now if there was an option to do so.
the music options and varieties were kool here.
email me at cujo647@oink.co.uk if theres a decent guy out there who can do this for me.


Today is a sad day:

OiNK.cd Servers Raided, Admin Arrested


can anybody knows _ Faerie _ ’s email ?
she’s got really nice music taste :)

r.i.p oink :(


Nice music taste?

“OiNKs changed my life. Truly. 77 weeks, and I hope for 77 more. It is the best music source online. I find everything there!”

How would you know from that? Or did I misunderstand something?

Unless she says it alright herself I’m afraid I can’t do that. Sorry.


Yeah, i’ve googled about faerie how can i contact with her and soon I discovered this forum. It would really nice to make a ‘good music lovers’ community (for example a mailing list or something) and i like to contact faerie about this and other music stuff coz i’m get very good music from her :)

this is my email: breathin.breathout@gmail.com

pls, forward this to her.

anyone would like the idea contact me.


Sent you an e-mail speedykee8.


hello dennis, I was googling in search for Faerie as well….do you have any idea how I can contact her? She was an avid oinker and had reviewed many albums on oink aswell as some that I had uploaded. Any help is appreciated…thanks.

Email: aaku (dot) amin (at) gmail (dot) com


forget my last post. thanks anyways.




Hello guys!! i’m trading 3 AUDIONEWS.RU invitation codes. I trade it with anything about electronic-house-tehcno music (vinyls, albums, cds, gadget, posters, DJ tools, accessories etc)
contact me at : thegoggo@yahoo.it


hello i wonder if anyone can get me an invite,
i can trade with lots of scanned original sheet music which i could share


I made a post earlier but for some reason my email account that i printed got closed that day so i cant remember my login details and i cant retrieve mail.
so i post again i used to be a user of oinks but was unable to get online for 8 months n lost my account.
was a kool torrent site and would love some kind soul out there to send me a invite so i can get back into the sharing community again

i have much music to give back too.
i am a member of some well known t sites too but with demonoid goin down there isnt really much good places for music so please email me at jobcentre@hotmail.co.uk
sorry for the bad email i am on a course n thought best use a made up email for now as i dont know why my previous was closed


Sorry, but OiNK.cd is no more: http://oink.cd/


Demonoid member seeks invite to anywhere there are Audio Book Torrents.

With the Demon down for what seems like eternity, I need my Audio Book Fix..

Please help with an invite..

Send to, schizas@trashmail.com..



I have a really hard time finding a lot of the older metal and punk that I listen to and most of the current stuff too. If anyone has any invites to good sites email me: megkattt@gmail.com

I hope someone can help me out, I can send you music in return, or if you need something else, let me know.


Please, Don't Be Shy